Tips for USA Car and Camper Rentals when Under 25 Years of Age

You’re under 25 and life is grand. You are young, invincible and have dreams to fulfill.

Then you try to rent a car or camper for a USA road trip adventure and your head sinks. You’ve just found out that if you’re under 25, renting a car or camper in the US can be quite tricky.

Some rental agencies will not rent to you if you are under 25. Some will charge you extra but not reveal the extra cost until you pick up the car, and some will charge you a very high fee making the rental cost unaffordable.

For example, one large California/Southwest car rental agency charges $14 per day per person who is under 25. For a two week rental, that amounts to an extra $392 fee.

Make sure you read the fine print. Review any terms and conditions to ensure that, if there is a fee, the amount has been fully disclosed.

Additionally, many camper and motorhome rental operators will not rent you a vehicle if you are under 25, period.

So what do you do if you are under 25?

  • Let Bakpak Dave book your car rental for you.
    He works with rental agencies that specialize in under 25 rentals. Some do not charge any additional fees, some simply charge $5/day total. Your quote from Bakpak Dave will be inclusive of under 25 fees, if any so no surprises when you pick up your are.

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  • Rent a Campervan
    The minimum age to rent a campervan is 21 and NO extra fees are charged. Campervans are available for rent in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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  • Rent a Sleepervan
    The minimum age to rent a sleepervan is 21. There is a nominal fee for renting a sleepervan if you are under 25 which is included in your base rental rate. Sleepervans are available for rent in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and New York and for cross-country rentals between these locations.

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Very Important: If you rent a vehicle with someone over 25 but do not add your name to the rental agreement, you cannot drive the vehicle. If you do and an accident occurs, any insurance you purchased with the rental will become null and void.

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