Understanding Car and Campervan Rental Insurance Options

One of the most confusing aspects of renting a car or camper in the US is vehicle rental insurance. Collision damage what? Supplemental Who? Never fear though, Bakpak Dave is here to explain it in simple terms.

So there are three types of insurance categories for car, camper and motorhome rentals:

1) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

2) Basic Liability and

3) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI).

Adding these options to your rental can sometimes significantly increase your costs, especially if renting for one or more months. But it is important to understand your options and costs and more importantly, your liability should you choose to decline these options.

Collision Damage Waiver, abbreviated as CDW, and also known as Loss Damage Waiver or Rental Collision Insurance, covers you for any damage to the vehicle above a specified deductible or excess amount.

For campervans it is either $1500 or $2500 depending on the campervan. For minivans it is $500. For campers and motorhomes, it is $1000 to $1500 and only one rental operator offers a CDW option to reduce this to zero.

If you choose the CDW option, you pay only the deductible/excess for accidental damage. If you decline CDW, you are liable for the excess amount. CDW is included in the daily rate for campers and motorhomes.

Basic liability protects you against 3rd party claims if you injure a person or damage someone else’s property with your vehicle. The liability levels change between the various States but ranges between $25,000 and $60,000. Basic Statutory limits for liability and property damage is included in your daily rate.

Supplemental Liability Insurance abbreviated as SLI, is optional excess automobile insurance that protects you and any authorized drivers against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage up to $1,000,000. SLI extended the basic statutory limits of Basic Liability to $1 million of coverage. SLI is optional and costs $9.95-12.25/day.

Your auto insurance policy in your home country or your credit card may cover you for car or campervan rental insurance so it is worthwhile checking out first. If so, please be careful to ensure that it includes campervans, campers and motorhomes if you are renting these types of vehicles.

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