USA Campervan Rentals

Campervans, sometimes referred to as sleepervans, are large vans or car minivans that have been custom converted into campervans. They range in size from large to cozy but comfortable, and more importantly, affordable and easy to drive. Depending on the model and type, campervans can seat and sleep from 2-4 travelers and seat up to 5 travelers.

Campervan rental is an excellent option as it allow yous the flexibility to sleep in campgrounds, parking lots or on the side of the road (regulations permitting).

Campervans are compact and include seating in the back and a table that both convert to sleeping quarters at night. Some campervans include a rooftop sleeper and some offer it as an optional for an additional fee. With the rooftop sleepers, campervans can sleep up to four travelers in two beds. Alternatively, two travelers can use the rooftop sleeper at night and keep the day set up inside the campervan so you don’t have to convert it daily.

In the back of most campervans, you will find a sink with running water (pumped from a storage tank), a propane stove, electric and/or battery operated fridge/cooler and an electric cable to run appliances (when in a campground). Campervans and sleepervans  do not have toilets and showers.

Some campervans offer custom painted visual designs, some are standard and some have some company promotional design on them.

Please note that some rental companies call their custom built campers - van campers or campervans - but we classify those as campers as they include a shower and toilet and larger inside area and thus are more like a motorhome/RV.

Age Requirements

Campervan and sleepervan rentals are available for anyone age 21 and over. Additionally, there are no charges for extra drivers.

What is included in the daily rental rate?

Rentals can include basic liability, 100 miles per day and all bedding/cooking equipment. Optional insurance is extra but daily rates are per rental not per person.

Rental Locations

Campervan rentals are available for cross-country travel or for pick up on either the East Coast (New York or Miami) or the West Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle). The model/type of vehicle available depends on your pick up locations. There is significantly more options available on the West Coast including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Options Available

Ventura Campervan seats 4/sleeps 2 or 4 with optional rooftop sleeper (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas)

Mavericks Campervan seats 5/sleeps 2 or 4 with optional rooftop sleeper (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Denver, Seattle)

Champ Campervan seats5/sleeps 4 (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas)


  • Much cheaper than a motorhome rental
  • Easy to drive/lower fuel costs compared with a motorhome
  • Freedom to park and sleep almost anywhere
  • No waste to dump


  • No toilet/shower
  • Less room inside compared with a motorhome
  • Maximum 4 travelers per vehicle
  • No A/C when campervan engine is not running

Issues to Consider

  • Winter travel in cold areas/summer travel in hot areas
  • Number of people in your travel party/amount of luggage space required
  • Length of travel period
  • Where you want to go
  • Budget
  • Essential to book ahead for busy summer travel season

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