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Cross Country Southern Style - Atlanta to Los Angeles

There are are many interesting and more importantly fun, party places to drop into. This trip includes 4 of Bakpak's Top 10 Party Places in America and takes you from the hopping "HOTlanta" down towards the Gulf of Mexico and skirts the southern portion of the States along interstate I-10. You can take a detour into and around Florida from Atlanta before beginning this journey. And once you hit Texas, you can sidestep your way into Mexico. But beware the recent dangers regarding drug wars and gangs.


Atlanta, Montgomery, Mobile, Biloxi, Nawlins, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands National Monument, Roswell, El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Atlanta

Ending Point: Los Angeles

Time Frame: 14-21+days (including time in Atlanta and Los Angeles)

From Atlanta, head further soutth on I-85/I-65 passing through Montgomery and Mobile, Alabama. From Mobile, your on the I-10 all the way to LA, except for short detours for hot spots and must see locations. From Mobile, you can stop in Biloxi on your way to New Orleans, where a few days is a must. From here, you skirt the southern portion of Louisiana before arriving in Texas, yee ha! This route takes in the widest part, and cross-section of Texas through places like Houston, Austin and San Antonio to El Paso. Before hitting El Paso, you can take a detour on State Highway 285 and pass through Carlsbad Caverns State Park and Roswell, both in New Mexico. Once back on I-10, you'll pass through the major citiesof Arizona, Tucson and Phoenix, before crossing into Southern California! Make sure you visit Joshua Tree National Park and maybe check out Palm Springs before you arrive in Los Angeles.

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