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Cross Country Northern Style - New York to San Francisco

This cross-country route takes you through the northern part of the USA from the Big Apple to San Francisco along interstate I-80, passing through the southern part of the Midwest and smack into the heartland, skirting the top of Colorado to reach the Pacific Ocean in the quintessential road trip west.


Discover your inner rock star at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. Try to eat a whole deep-dish pizza in Chicago, and then spend an afternoon at the Art Institute, Shedd’s Aquarium, or the Adler Planetarium. Check out Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate Taliesin near Madison, and then fill up on hearty heartland fare at one of the city’s famous diners. Travel through the open fields and farmland of Iowa and Nebraska and share the road with a buffalo at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Hit the slopes outside of Salt Lake City. Win a nickel jackpot in Reno. Take your first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from the hills of San Francisco, as explorers have done for centuries, then relax and indulge in a fat night out, a fancy dinner, or cushy hotel stay- you made it!

Suggested Route

Starting Point: New York

Ending Point: San Francisco

Time Frame: 14-21+days (including time in New York and San Francisco)

From San Francisco to New York, will take you through: Sacramento (Calif.); Reno (Nevada), Salt Lake City (Utah); Cheyenne (Wyoming); Lincoln (Nebraska); Des Moines (Iowa); Chicago (Illinois); Cleveland (Ohio); and through the state of Pennsylvania.

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