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Have you ever walked through America’s past in Boston?


The premier New England city of Boston has a uniquely youthful vibe mixed with a deep historical heritage, an energy that can only come from a profoundly significant past. The city’s core is dense with monuments and buildings steeped in the storied birth of America, such as the harbor where colonists held the original Boston Tea Party and showed Mother Britain that freedom was worth more than a cup of tea. Cemeteries full of American legends poke up with grassy, leaning tombstones throughout the city, and the Boston Commons provides a place of rest for students and business people today, just as it did for livestock two hundred years ago. All over Beacon Hill one memory-making building after another awaits your intrepid exploration and will reward you with insight into the founding of a new kind of nation. Duck into a tavern and celebrate your freedom with a fat pint or an even fatter Boston cream pie. History can be so delicious.

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