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Have you ever…bet that you could out-impersonate an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas?


All around the world wishful voices speak of Las Vegas in glittering, sequined terms and there is no surprise why- this oasis in the desert is like no other place on earth, or anywhere else. Enormous themed hotels cater to every desire from wild circuses to romantic canals to rooftop roller coasters, and throughout the city winning screams permeate the neon-lit skyline all night long. Add to this backdrop the ridiculous and delicious food buffets serving up gourmet hash 24/7, the most dazzling entertainment in the world, perfect weather, and what else do you need? Elvis, of course. And you will find him in Vegas, over and over, crooning through bushy sideburns and a tacky white jumpsuit about blue suede shoes and hound dogs. Why not join the ranks? Twitch up your lip and side-slide those hips and give it your best shot- in Vegas there is always room for one more Elvis!

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