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Have you ever...screamed at the Pacific Ocean out the top of a convertible?


The American Dream echoes throughout the entire world, but no place does the sound ring truer than along the West Coast of the United States. The hope-laden locale of Los Angeles is the city where car culture was born and will never die, from the first drive-thru hamburger joints of the past, to the boulevards cruised by celebrities in the pimped-out cars of tomorrow. LA is a driver’s city, and you will be happiest exploring the many diverse neighborhoods with your hands on the wheel. Why not go all out and rent a convertible? For just a bit more money you can up the experience ante by a whole rooftop, and you can’t put a price on the feeling of leaning out the top of a juicy convertible, blue beaches and perky palm trees passing by, and the warm Pacific breeze blowing off the ocean and through your hair. Go ahead and scream! This is LA after all, where anything can and does happen on a daily basis!

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