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Have you ever…sizzled in the South Beach sunshine by day and danced like a maniac all night long?


There are many cities in the US where you can have a good time, but no place can compare to the mad sunshine and sizzling culture of Miami. From the sand on the beaches to the fresh Cuban sandwiches to the go-go dancers in the clubs, everything is hotter in South Beach. Art Deco architecture dominates the town, and you can see it from your beach towel- just lift your head and squint through your sunglasses. Nice. Romp in the waves with your friends or rent a jet boat and play movie star, but don’t overexert yourself, for you will need your energy to party all night long, as things really get cracking only after midnight. Have a mojito and dress to impress but don’t stress- it’s impossible NOT to have fun on South Beach! Welcome to Miami. Now go dance.

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