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USA Adventure Tours: Hiking, Biking, Rafting

USA Adventure Tours

America the beautiful is a big place packed with heaps to do from sea to shining sea, and one of the best ways to take advantage of all this country has to offer with a group of pre-made friends is on an adventure tour.

Many companies such as Trek America, Suntrek, and Footloose offer small group adventure tours where the focus is on fun, finding offbeat locations, and planning exciting things to do. This is not your old-school big bus-style tour where 50 people slowly shuffle off at each stop to take a photo of a monument and then drag back on. These tours are created with the young, active backpacker in mind.

Besides the small sizes, adventure tour groups are made up of young people like yourself and enrollment is usually limited to those under 35, meaning a better chance of like-minded travelers who want to go, go, and go; not slow, stay and wait.

Lodging for small group adventure tours in the USA varies depending on the locale. Camping is one of the best ways to see the famed American West, and falling asleep under a zillion stars is the way to do it in the desert. While in the sparkling cities of the US, however, you will find yourself in the middle of it all with lodging in a budget hotel or youth hostel where you can mingle with new friends and walk out your front door and into the thick of things.

Transportation varies but is almost always private and includes minibuses, motor coaches, and large vans, depending on the size of your group. With flexible schedules and expert guides who can tell you the history of a ghost town along with how to row a boat and cook blueberry cobbler in a Dutch oven, adventure trips are incredibly varied and unlike traditional tours, allow for spontaneity.

The best part about adventure tours however is not where you lay your head at night, but where your feet take you during the day. Hiking through the wilderness, riding horses across open fields, kayaking in the calm sea, canoeing on wild rivers, biking down mountains, touring swamps, rafting white waters…the list of activity options on an adventure tour is endless and up to you.

Don’t just see America…hike America, bike America, raft America, canoe America, kayak America, walk America, and camp America. You will experience this Land of the Free in ways you never expected and emerge on the other side of the adventure with a smile on your face, a tan on your legs and quite possibly, the American Dream in your heart.

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