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Car and Camper Rental Travel Tips for the US

Renting or purchasing  a car or campervan or doing a car relocation can be a cheap and fun way to get around. Travelers can always be found to share costs. Check out the hostel notice boards for backpackers who want or are offering rides.


only drivers listed on the agreement are covered by insurance. Liability (excl. collision) may be provided through your credit card.

Minimum Age

21+ to rent, 18+ to buy and 23+ for car relocation. Some rental agencies will rent to 18-20 but they most likely do not have  the proper insurance, so be careful.

ID Required

a valid drivers license and a major credit card are required.

Hidden Costs

be aware of mileage charges, taking the car out of state, refueling charges, insurance costs and deductibles.

Buying a Car

get the car’s title, register the car (if expired), file transfer forms and obtain, at a minimum, 3rd party liability insurance.


if your rental/purchase does not include it, join AAA (800-222-4357) for roadside emergency service. If you are in an accident, get a police report, where possible.

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