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Getting Around the United States


Trains, planes and automobiles, plus coach, backpacker tours and camper rentals. There's no shortage of ways to make your way around the US. It all depends on your budget and what tickles your fancy. 

Budget Airlines

You won't find fares as low a 1 GBP like you do in Europe but you will find a handful of very good budget airlines serving cross-country routes and specific regions of the States. These airlines often utilize smaller, regional airports and are no-frills flights without pre-assigned seats. But most destinations in the US are just a few hours away so no worries. You can fly cheaply from Los Angeles to New York and even cheap flights to and from Las Vegas. Get more info on Budget Airlines.

Backpacker Tours and Hop-On/Off Buses 

Many hop-on, hop-off bus ventures have come and gone here in the US, despite that fact that America has some ideal regions for hop-on, hop-off tours (Southwest, Northeast, Florida). So you're best bet is to find a tour company that runs multi-day trips to your desired region. You'll find such tours covering the Las Vegas/Grand Canyon region and the Northeast (out of Toronto). Check out our Backpacker tours section for more details.

Adventure/Organized Tours

If you're visiting the States for just a few weeks OR prefer to have all aspects of your trip taken care of so you can relax and have fun (and we don't blame you), then consider an organized adventure tour US. There are a few operators that run hostel, budget lodging or camping adventure tours of the US from cross-country trips to smaller but popular regions to the grand 'ole tour. Check out our Backpacker tours section for more details.

Coach &  Rail Passes

Most people have not dreamed of a taking a Rail USA trip but it certainly is possible with Amtrak's 30-day rail pass options. It's not the cheapest way to get around the US but does have advantages - a slower pace, more comfortable than coach or air and you get to see the real America pass by. But the rail system is lacking in certain areas of the States, which makes a coach travel more reliable and accessible. Coach passes are also available and allow for unlimited travel over a specified numer of days. Additionally, you can travel to a few major Canadian cities on a US coach or rail pass, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Check out our Coach and Rail section for more details.

Car/Camper Rental and Relocation

The US is one of the best (and easiest) destinations to drive yourself, whether you rent a car or campervan or even buy a car and sell it back when finished. Gas is cheap relative to the rest of the world, campgrounds, hostels and budget motels abound, highways are easy to navigate and offer rest stops and foodcourts and most importantly, the scenery is spectacular! Consider finding travelers at hostels to go in on a rental and share costs of getting around. For rental options and rates, visit our Car & Camper Rental section.


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