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Summer Travel to the US

School is out and it is time to play! All over the country high schools and colleges break for summer fun, and you will have no problem finding partners in crime for your wayward adventures. In the north the weather might be breezy and pleasant even in mid-July; in the south you will come to understand the need for the ridiculous consumption of air conditioning, iced tea, and booty shorts. Festival season is in full swing and you will find celebrations of music, art and life all over the continent, both clustered around cities and far out in the open lands of America. There is an upswing in sports activities from Frisbee golf to local kickball games to professional baseball events; whether you want to watch or join in the fun, you will find willing teammates from Brooklyn to San Francisco. Take advantage of the good weather and spend some time in the national parks to discover the true treasures of this land for yourself, the starry skies and the open range.

  • Batter up! Summertime is baseball season in the U.S. and almost every major city has a stadium to explore and a team to cheer. Don’t forget the peanuts and crackerjack.
  • Grab your backpack and head outside, spending a few days in one or several of America’s awe-inspiring national parks like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, or Glacier National Park. Pack plenty of water and marshmallows.
  • Expose yourself- to new music and art, that is. The beauty of American music festivals is the wide variety of musical genres and art on display, and from honky tonk to techno you can find a song to suit your soul.
  • Make like a whale and beach it, particularly in California, Florida, or the southern East Coast where the waters are warm and the sand is hot.
  • Sweltering in the South? Grab a back porch, a fan, and a popsicle or an ice-cold beer to cool down, and chill. Literally.

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