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Working in the USA? Learn How to Get your Tax Refund

When working in a foreign country you will pay tax on your earnings just as you would in your home country. Many foreign students participating in J1 Work and Travel, training or internship programs in the US end up overpaying tax because they do not get put on the right tax code or they are not aware of credits and expenses they are entitled to claim.

In most countries it is a legal requirement that you file a tax return every year. In the US, all non-residents must file a US tax return if they earn more than $3900 (for 2013). Filing an international tax return can be complicated so we recommend you use a professional tax refund provider to make sure you get the maximum amount you’re legally entitled to.

Filing an international tax return can be complicated so Bakpak Travelers Guide recommends you use a professional tax refund provider such as Taxback.com, They specialize in providing US tax refunds for J1 visa holders and has refunded millions of dollars in overpaid tax for J1 program participants since 1996. It’s free to find out what you’re owed and they operate on a no refund - no fee basis whereby a 10% fee will apply only if you receive a refund. The free tax refund calculator will give you an instant refund calculation so you can see how much you’re owed or you can submit your tax return application.

As US and international tax experts, taxback.com will ensure your tax filing obligations are met and that your tax bill is minimized, according to your personal circumstances. Taxback.com provides specialist tax services for 16 countries and checks for any deductions, exemptions or tax treaties you may be entitled to in order to minimize your tax bill - both in the US and in the country you're working in. 

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